Facility Design

Not all commercial equipment is the same. Although they might handle the same type of exercises, different brands offer their own distinct benefits and restrictions, along with each one taking up a different amount of floor space with specific user accessibility. Recognizing the work station benefits and restrictions and applying them to your facility space are key to a functional and successful work out environment.


Once you have chosen your final product selection, we can help you plan your space for ease of use and to maximize your square foot investment. Our floor plan designs show you where each product goes and how the space will function. We review what makes sense and then help you determine the best direction to proceed in.



Low ceilings and restrictive floor space dimensions are common challenges for a gym. Understanding the volume of customers during peak periods can help to determine the best type of equipment to ensure maximum usage based on your particular situation. Talk to us today and let us show you the best brands for your specific needs.


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