XInstallation And Service

IS_RepairPicSmallWe deliver, install and service what we sell.  To provide our customers with their fitness equipment service needs, we work in sync with Fitness Equipment Services (FES). FES was created by the owner of Pulse to provide professional technical services to customers of Pulse. FES is authorized to provide warranty repair services for all products sold by Pulse and offer equipment cleaning and preventative maintenance programs too.


We deliver on our service by offering professional installation, preventative maintenance and manufacturer’s authorized warranty repair.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ask us today about our preventative maintenance plans to ensure your equipment is always in tip top shape.

Call us at: 204.235.0904


  • Prepaid or Net 30 on approved credit for regular orders (deposits may be requested).
  • Prepaid for custom international orders, custom logo orders, or as requested by Pulse Fitness.
  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted for most small purchases under $5,000.00; however their are exceptions where credit cards are not accepted, and decided at the discretion of Pulse Fitness.
  • Cash is accepted, and in some cases cheques are as well with prior approval from management.


  • Pulse Fitness provides warranty service work for all manufacturers represented.
  • For a complete warranty breakdown, go to the manufacturer’s website of interest.